All-Star Association of Producers Beat League

The All-Star Association of Producers Beat League (ABL) is a league for producers to showcase their talents through an organized and branded platform that grants league members and attendees an unrivaled experience.

Producers must go through a selection process by our league administrators to be chosen to compete. The event consists of multiple events and battle rounds that will narrow down the best of the best, for the fight to be crowned The All-Star Association of Producer's BEAT LEAGUE CHAMPION.

ABL is not only a platform for producers, but also one for creatives, videographers, dancers, influencers and the like to constructively network through the inner-workings of our league. 



ABL Competition Brackets

Producers will go head to head in battle rounds and qualifying rounds. 


*PPR = Points scored Per Round

How is it scored?

Producers will be judged on the Clarity of their mix, uniqueness of their transitions, their level of creativity and ability to stimulate emotion.


What are the Benefits?

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